Travel is still the best motivator, despite being seen as the most costly per person. It remains highly attractive to all levels of participant, so to implement a travel reward effectively, requires careful planning in the metrics of how many can achieve it, while not disappointing those who can’t reach that pinnacle no matter how hard they try.

Don’t disappoint the majority of your sales force, and turn them off your incentive from the start, when you can plan your incentive effectively to ensure that all those who achieve the required level to travel, in fact do so.

We’ll show you why keeping to a fixed budget and set number of people who can travel, is dragging performance down. We’ll show you how proper planning ensures your travel incentive is fully liquidated and paid for from profits that the incentive programme generates, ending up with a happy, productive workforce who want to get back to work after their trip, and do it all over again for you!

Local trips of short duration with partners or family is on the rise, while the networking opportunities of a group trip cannot be over-estimated enough. The brag value of all the photographs taken on the travel reward trips can energise those who didn’t make it this time, to strive harder to achieve the next one. Contact us NOW! Send us an enquiry CLICK HERE