Ray’s workshops give a fresh take on selling that will immediately give your sales a boost. It’s a simple and effective formula that shifts your salespeople into that selling space where they are confident, skilled, motivated…… and most importantly Responsible, Accountable and Proud.

After attending this Sales Training Programme, delegates will experience the following:

  •  They will walk out of the room at the end of the day in a much better frame of mind about High performance 2themselves and their profession than when they walked in at the beginning of the day
  • They will feel proud of being salespeople and will feel proud of their profession.
  • They will become Professional Salespeople – Responsible, Accountable and Proud).
  • They will stop being reps – “Representing” their company and not focusing on selling.
  • They will understand how and why people make decisions to buy based on emotions and not logic.
  • They will understand how and why people buy value and not price
  • They will understand the importance of selling the benefits of their product or service.
  • They will focus on selling “Good feelings” and creating a “Good buying experience” for their customers
  • They will understand how important it is for their customers to like and trust them
  • They will accept that it is their responsibility for improving their knowledge and skills.
  • They will learn a simple technique for improving their knowledge – a Power Formulae that works.

They will

  • Feel proud of who they are and proud of what they do
  • See selling as a profession that deserves recognition
  • Be enthusiastic and excited about going out and seeing customers
  • Want to go out and start selling again!
  • Improve their knowledge and skills and become experts in sales
  • Be equipped with a simple Sales Process that they can use immediately to increase sales
  • Take responsibility, and make things happen
  • Hit the road with renewed energy, enthusiasm and excitement for selling
  • Produce results!

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